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Mindful Me

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"Mindfulness is a confidence and communication skill that anyone can learn"  

-Arielle Lapiano

I am a complexity translator

I've spent most of my professional life, spanning more than 25 years, translating complex ideas into clear and memorable communications that boost leaders' and companies’ brands. I leverage my mindfulness background, reporting and investigator experience, together with my years as a communications and marketing executive, to listen carefully, explore and create together with clients. I have tackled obscure concepts and worked with the biggest brains across finance, fintech, law and more. 

I am a nerd lover 

I was captain of my high school debate team, which likely has you sold on my nerdiness, but in case you need more- I went to Vassar undergrad and Columbia University for my graduate degree, a Masters in International Affairs. My experience in school and at work, heck at home too, is that smart people often have trouble making their ideas accessible to others, or get frustrated doing it. I love extracting what’s interesting and helping translate it into memorable communications. 

I am a story surgeon

I have always been a moderator, facilitator and a reporter, listening for newsy nuggets. I have a nose for news and a sensitive and sensing soul. This combo helps me to identify what’s interesting, newsworthy and points me to where it might be interesting to explore further. 

I am a strategic storyteller

Too many people chase opportunities that aren’t aligned with strategy. I work to figure out what you want to be known for, what you are passionate about, uniquely skilled at and what might be holding you back. Strategy is the key to saving you time, because as Steve Jobs said, “strategy is about figuring out what not to do.” I help you to figure out where to focus and where to pass, saving you time and getting you results that are aligned with your expertise, passion and what you want to be known for.  Strategy also helps with impact and confidence and so much more. 

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